Celebrate New Orleans, new music festival at Disney Village

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Last update: 2019/08/27

On the 25th & 26th of May 2018, Disney Village will host the Celebrate New Orleans music festival, two days of concerts and entertainment in a South American atmosphere to allow guests to discover the culture marked by French colonial heritage.

What better way for Disneyland Paris to celebrates the tercentenary of New Orleans?

Celebrate New Orleans program

First off, let me start with the good news: Access to the festival is free for all visitors. Disneyland Paris has been surprising guests over the last months with extra special events to bring back life to Disney Village. A bright future ahead for the less popular space of Disneyland Paris?

Let’s have a look at the activities planned for the festival.

Celebrate New Orleans Animations in the street of Disney Village

Red Line Crossers – 25th and 26th of May at 7.30 pm

The artists from Red Line Crossers will perform on the frenzied rhythms of African, Caribbean and European influences.

Red Line Crossers - Celebrate New Orleans - Disney Village Disneyland Paris 2018

Roller Brass Band – 26th of May at 7.40 pm

The Roller Brass Band will entertain young and old with acrobatics in a New Orleans atmosphere. This tribe of musicians and dancers on roller skates is the perfect fusion between circus parade, street show, and a brass band.

Roller Brass Band - Celebrate New Orleans - Disney Village Disneyland Paris 2018

Celebrate New Orleans Concerts at the Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon

New Orleans Band, on the 25th and 26th of May at 7.00 pm

Dressed in shimmering costumes for the occasion, the New Orleans Band is a made in Disneyland Paris band that will perform music from their colorful repertoire of folk, blues, and Creole culture. They will also perform on the podium at the entrance of Disney Village.

Sarah Savoy’s Hell-Raising Hayride – 25th of May at 10.00 pm

Also called the princess and the accordion, Sarah Savoy is an accomplished musician that spent her childhood bathing in Louisiana’s own Cajun culture. She will delight the public from Celebrate New Orleans with her original compositions influenced by her culture so dear to her heart.

Sarah Savoy Hell Raising Hayride - Celebrate New Orleans - Disney Village Disneyland Paris 2018

Boney Fields – 26th of May at 10.00 pm

Trumpet-player Boney Fields offers a “retro-futuristic brassy mix of blues and funk”, forged by years of experiences on scenes of the whole world. He will delight the audience with a tribute to Louis Armstrong and music taken from his personal repertoire.

Boney Fields - Celebrate New Orleans - Disney Village Disneyland Paris 2018

Be sure to put Celebrate New Orleans on your planning if you are coming to Disneyland Paris at the end of May.

What do you think of this festival? Do you wish to see more of them?

Source: http://www.disneylandparis.co.uk/events/neworleans/

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