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Disneyland Paris hosted a special evening tonight at the Disney’s Hotel New York tonight to share their plans for 2018 and beyond.

DLPInsidEARS, Disneyland Paris’ own program to connect with social media influencers, is a great step for Disneyland Paris to get closer to the online communities fan of the Disney theme parks.

Thanks to ED92 I can share with you all the juicy novelties coming up next at Disneyland Paris.

New attraction & shows, revamped Disney Hotel, plans for a new Disney Village, online reservations… there is a lot to share tonight. Let’s dive into it!

New catering offer coming to Disneyland Paris

A Groot Cookie, anyone?

Seasonal products imported from the US - Infinity Gauntlet - Disneyland Paris
Source: ED92

Compared to Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Paris has room for improvement on both the catering offer and the prices. They already started to give guests more thematically appropriate food and revised the offer for buffet restaurants during the last year.

What’s next?

  • Counter service offer is currently being reworked, under the supervision of the new Catering Manager François Charpy.
  • Seasonal products imported from the US, like the Infinity gauntlet sipper from the Avengers movie. A real success in Disneyland California.

Infinity Gauntlet Sipper - Disneyland Paris
Source: Instagram user @sasakitime
  • Launch of several new seasonal products exclusively for Disneyland Paris only.
  • Star Bucks will not come to Main Street (too bad!). You can still enjoy your favorite latte at the Santa Fe & Cheyenne Hotel as well as in Disney Village.
  • Colonel Hathi’s restaurant will close next year and will be completely transformed. Exciting!
  • Pizza Planet will remain officially closed.
  • Online Reservations will soon be possible

    Magic Bands - Disneyland Paris

    While we now have confirmation that Magic Bands will not come at Disneyland Paris (*sad face*) because not adapted to the French Resort, other innovative solutions are under investigation.

    Let’s not despair! An online restaurant reservation system is confirmed to be in a trial phase at Disneyland Paris.

    MagicPass - Online restaurant reservation system - Disneyland Paris
    Source: ED92

    Starting this summer, you will be able to reserve your menu and preferred time slot to get your food at the restaurant En Coulisses at the Walt Disney Studios Park.

    For people who like to plan ahead (like me!) this is just perfect.

    New shows in 2018 & beyond

    The Lion King show ready to roar at the Chaparral Theater in 2019

    The Chaparral Theater, scene of many great shows at the Disneyland Paris Park and renovated for the occasion, will have a new show centered around Simba and his friends.

    The Lion King Show - Chaparral Theater - Disneyland Paris-2018
    The Lion King Show at Animal Kingdom

    Please let it be at least as good as the Lion King show in Animal Kingdom! Considering the latest shows we had at Disneyland Paris, I do have high hopes.

    Mickey et son Orchestre PhilharMagique

    Mickey et son Orchestre PhilharMgique 4D Discoveryland Theater - Disneyland-Paris

    As from October 2018, enjoy a new 4D musical attraction at the Discoveryland Theatre (empty since March after the Season of the Force ended). This musical show can already be seen at the Magic Kingdom theme park in the Walt Disney World Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland.

    As Donald prepares the orchestra for Mickey, he comes across the conductor’s baton and decides to work a little magic by donning Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat. But things get out of control fast and Donald is unexpectedly plunged into a 3D dream world of classic Disney animated musical sequences.

    Watch a sneak preview on Youtube!

    More events and themed activities

    If there’s one thing we’ve seen popping up a lot over the last year at Disneyland Paris are the special events like Disney Loves Jazz, runDisney, Electroland or even the Celebrate New Orleans music festival at Disney Village. Disneyland Paris confirmed that they want to do more of those!

    Our very own Food & Wine Festival is here to stay

    Rendez-vous Gourmand is coming back on the 27th of July with 6 new chalets, offering new food delicacies from France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Carribean food.

    Rendez-vous Gourmand - Disneyland Paris - 27 July 2018
    Source: ED92

    Mickey’s 90th Birthday Celebration at Disneyland Paris this winter

    From the 1st of October 2018 to the 6th of January, Disneyland Paris will celebrate the 90th birthday of Mickey.

    Cupcakes will be developed themed after the 5 lands, photo locations will be set up with cupcake girls to welcome the guests and special merchandise is foreseen as well.

    I think I’m going to get myself a nice little Mickey bow tie!

    Mickey 90th Birthday Celebration- Unlock The Fun Key - Wand - Mickey Ears - Bow Tie - Puzzle - Disneyland Paris
    Source: ED92

    Photopass Day on August 19 2018

    Photopass Day - 19 August 2018 - Disneyland Paris
    Source: ED92

    In 2017, Disney celebrated the World Photography Day with its first Photopass Day in all Disney Parks around the world. Photopass Day will be back this year at Disneyland Paris on August 19, 2018.

    Marvel Summer of Super Heroes

    A new stage with LED lights will be built for the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes. Star-lord will challenge you in a dance off show. You better prepare those 80s dance moves!

    Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy - Marvel Summer of Super Heroes - Disneyland Paris Dance Off 2018

    Attractions & Park renovations and closures

    • Ratatouille in the Walt Disney Studios Park will close from August 2018 to December 2018 to fix the damaged floors.
    • The Mark Twain will come back to the Rivers of the Far West in 2020.
    • The little towers of the castle will be back before the summer.
    • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will have some rehabilitation on the outside.
    • The Big Thunder Mountain train wagons are going too fast, creating some issues during park operating hours.
    • The smoke effects of Big Thunder Mountain are currently not working because of a leaking issue with the pipes.

    Overal, attractions have an uptime of 97%. A good score for which a team of 8 engineers is working on every day to keep things working properly and fix any technical problems when they arise.

    Phantom Manor will return this Fall

    The Imagineering team is hard at work within Phantom Manor and outside the attraction to bring this classic back to life. Some new clues have been discovered behind the story of Phantom Manor and will be shared with the guests as soon as the attraction reopens this fall. Right on time for the Halloween Season!

    Phantom Manor will have a reworked storyline, fully repainted and renovated scenes, the lighting system and audio system replaced, refurbished animatronics and extra special effects.

    Tom Fitzerald is sharing a sneak preview in the video below:

    But that’s not all news regarding Phantom Manor. A new parade float inspired by Phantom Manor will be made for the Halloween Parade.

    Phantom Manor Parade float - Halloween parade - Disneyland Paris 2018

    Disney Village & Hotel Renovations

    Shall I start with the big news?

    Disney Hotel Renovated by 2020 - Disneyland Paris

    The Disneyland Hotel will be fully renovated with a new immersive theme. The renovation of the hotel will start in 2020. I can’t wait to see the visuals!

    Disney Village renewed - Disneyland Paris 2018
    Source: ED92

    But that’s not all of it! Disney Village will be renewed as well. The plans are 90% ready so the details should be shared soon.

    Disney Hotel New York - Marvel - Common Area - Disneyland Paris 2018
    Source: ED92

    As for the Disney’s Hotel New York, the renovations will start soon and a full Marvel Experience is expected for both the common areas and rooms of the hotel.

    New Merchandise for 2018

    What is Disneyland Paris without its boutiques and shop? New merchandise has been developed to satisfy the shopping needs of the guests.

    Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears & Marvel T-shirts

    Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears Disneyland Paris 2018
    Source: ED92

    Some new Star Wars and Mickey figurines

    Star Wars & Mickey Figurines - Merchandise - Disneyland Paris - 2018
    Source: ED92

    Pirates of The Caribbean 50th Anniversary Book

    Pirates of the Caribbean - 50th Anniversary Book - Disneyland Paris 2018
    Source: ED92

    My keyboard is hot from all that news. I’m all stoked about this and can’t wait to see it come to life over the next months.

    Comments or thoughts? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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